Strategic Planning

Though there are many reasons to object to a planning application or a proposal in a district or borough local plan, those objections should focus on planning matters. The process is quite long and complicated. By working with Govresources, this process becomes simpler.

We can:

  • Help you write your organisation/groups objection
  • Provide summary bullet points to help individuals in the community make their own objections
  • Provide advice on how to ensure that councillors understand your point of view
  • Write your speech for the local planning authorities planning committee
  • Deliver the speech for you if you don’t have a volunteer willing to do this
  • Help you decide what input you would like to have in a planning appeal (written reps/hearing/public inquiry)
  • Organise the community to put their own point of view across at a hearing or public inquiry
  • Act for you as your representative at hearings/public inquiries.

(The icon image was taken by Clive Marshall).