“We want to ensure that any development in Bonvingdon strengthens the community and enriches Bonvingdon’s rural identity.”

Bovingdon is a large parish located in Dacorum, East Hertfordshire. Bovingdon has an unique historic and rural character that the local residents appreciate. The parish is home to many independent and some chain businesses. The airfield in Bovingdon is a key feature of parish as it has many uses, such weekly markets where the stalls sell a variety of good such as fashion, and it is used for film and television productions.

Govresources was appointed as a planning consultants to help the parish council prepare and publish their neighbourhood plan. Since mid 2018, Govresources has played a vital role in helping the parish prepare a programme and providing advice and support. Through attending monthly meetings with the steering group, the four main working groups were quickly established. These groups are: transport and traffic, community facilities, housing and design, and shopping and business. The issues and ideas generated by the working groups can be translated into effective policy which will enrich the character and vitality of Bovingdon.

So far, Bovingdon is progressing quite quickly with monthly steering group meetings and a scheduled public consultation in January 2019.

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Bonvingdon Parish Council
Increase planning capabilities of various sub-groups contributing to the neighbourhood plan. Advise on statutory requirements that must be adhered to. Produce overall vision, objectives and policies. Produce a draft plan. Lead and support planning workshops and exhibitions.
Project management, organisational skills, planning advice, capacity building, document writing, supporting volunteers, compiling residents and business questionnaires