Wormley is located in the Borough of Broxbourne and home to Wormleybury manor house which is a grade I listed building in a grade II listed park. The strategic planning objection was against Broxbourne Borough Council’s proposal to extend Brookfield, by building 1,500 homes, a new local centre, a new primary school, more employment opportunities in effect creating a new “Garden Village”.

Wormleybury Management Ltd employed Govresources to help them put together their argument at the initial stages of consultation on the Broxbourne Local Plan and in the event that the proposal was not altered, then represent them at the Examination in Public of the Broxbourne Local Plan.

As part of the preparation, Govresources reviewed all available documentation such as Examiner Correspondence, early local plan consultations and the Regulation 19 Submission Plan consultation and objections from other participants.

A tailored document discussing how the plan was unsound and should be either modified or the Brookfield Garden Village deleted entirely, was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate as an appeal statement. We also represented Wormleybury Management at the examination hearing

The outcome of the examination is awaited.

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Wormleybury Management Ltd.
Represent the local community in the consultation of Broxborne's Local Plan
Representing clients at appeal hearings/enquiries, writing the appeal statement