Workshops are designed to ensure that the process remains inclusive, to build the capacity of the volunteers to do as much preparatory work for the neighbourhood plan as possible, themselves and provide a chance for people to express their feelings and articulate their opinions on any matter regarding the plan.

Example workshops included:

  • Interactive sensory activities such as vision boards
  • Youth forums with schools or the local youth club
  • Focus groups with important stakeholders, for example business owner
  • Participatory sessions on basic techniques such as building questionnaires
  • Exercises in focussing ideas to form essential building blocks to neighbourhood plan such as a vision and objectives

It is important for the plan to embrace the views of the public and as a result of this the plan will have a greater benefit to the community. These workshops motivate and encourage people to take part and keep up to date with the on-going process of their neighbourhood plan.


More Details

Parish Councils
Varies depending on the event
Creative skills, presenting skills, communication skills