“A place that aspires to good design and improved environmental performance where everybody has access to green spaces”

Knebworth parish is located in North Hertfordshire, south of Stevenage. Currently, one of the major concerns is the maintenance of a buffer zone between the village and both Stevenage and Woolmer Green.

Govresources has been working with Knebworth Steering Group to focus their attention on addressing their issues and translating these into effective policy. Wellbeing, the village economy, traffic, housing and the environment were identified as the main topics and potential policies will be created based on these topics.

So far, Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan is still in the evidence collecting and drafting stage. Several consultations with young people have been conducted at the primary school and the local youth club.

The next stage in the process will be to consult residents on draft policies.

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Knebworth Parish Council
Draft vision and objectives. Data collection and analysis. Produce a draft plan. Run workshops and youth forums
Project management, organisational skills, planning advice, capacity building, document writing, supporting residents, compiling residents and business questionnaires