Hertford Heath

“The Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that Hertford Heath develops as a vibrant community and is an attractive place to live, work and visit.”

Hertford Heath is situated south of Hertford within the district of East Hertfordshire.

With Govresources’ assistance and guidance, the steering group identified key topics for three smaller groups (Infrastructure, Environment and Economy). Community issues were discussed in all three groups. We were able to direct our time and attention to these individual groups; this ensured a high quality service and a plan that is inclusive and effective. The purpose of meeting with the groups was not to lead them but to collaborate and develop their thoughts. Hertford Heath have finished collecting their data and are of drafting their plan ready for their Pre-submission consultation.

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Hertford Heath Parish Council
Draft vision and objectives. Data collection and analysis. Produce a draft plan
Project management, organisational skills, planning advice, capacity building, document writing, supporting volunteers, compiling residents and business questionnaires