Braughing – Appeal

The plan to build up to sixty houses on the edge of Braughing caused worry and concern for residents as they saw the development as a burden on infrastructure of the area and the destruction of beautiful countryside on the edge of the historic village .

The main arguments against the development were:

  1. The proposal represented an unsustainable form of development and conflicted with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  2. The proposal represented a major extension of the village which impacted the countryside, reduced the space between settlements, represented a loss of the open space well used by residents and would have a major negative impact on the local landscape.

Govresources wrote the appeal statement which was delivered by local representative.

The appeal was dismissed.


More Details

Braughing Parish Council "As Chairman of Braughing Parish Council and East Herts District Councillor I have so much to thank Jacqueline for over the last three years or so. In 2014, Jacqueline was appointed as the parish council's planning advisor, as a key member of the neighbourhood plan development group. In her role as planning consultant, she has brought a high level of professional practice to the team, providing leadership and expertise to assist our residents to gain confidence in the plan they have developed together. She has provided advice to members of the public and spoken at public events." Kathryn Riley FCIPD, Councillor
Translate the concerns of the residents into a coherent argument
Communication skills, representing clients at appeal hearings/ enquiries, writing the appeal statement.