Benington Wind Farm

Stop Benington Wind Farm was a community group set up to oppose the development of a wind turbine application in a rural area of East Herts.

Following the refusal of the application by East Herts Council, the applicant appealed the decision.

Working with the community group, we were responsible for drafting the planning case. We also worked with their legal representatives, a QC and other specialists to fight the appeal.

As an expert planning witness, I presented the planning case at the appeal.

The outcome was that the appeal was dismissed.

Project Description

Planning Objection - Benington Wind Farm

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More Details

Stop Benington Wind Farm Community Group.
Drafting planning case. Worked with QC and other specialists to input to final objection Expert planning witness, presenting the planning case at the appeal
Communication with local residents and other specialists, such as environmental and technical assessors and legal representatives. Drafting and presentation of final document at the formal appeal. Listening to community objections and translating them into planning terminology. Coordination with other experts to form a coherent and compelling case against the wind-farm